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About Us

We are an air services company specialized in aeromedical transport.

In Latin America and the Caribbean we have great alliances in the aviation and medical sectors that allow us to offer you the immediate availability of your aircraft, guaranteeing protocols
individual, collective, business and institutional.

Our Services

We have a large number of specialists and aircraft to be able to solve any emergency that may arise with each patient. For each case, there is a dedicated team with the necessary experience.


air ambulance

We offer an air ambulance service on jets that are medically configured to attend any emergency that requires the mobilization of patients.
Our medical crew and specialized team will be present at all times and will assist the patient in any event that may happen during the transfer. Once the patient arrives at destination hospital and is received by his medical team culminates our service.


Organ Transfer

Saving lives through our service is the main objective of South Medical Jets and the transport of organs represents a new opportunity to live.
The surgical teams that participate in this type of surgery require the use of time; therefore, we are recognized and chosen by many hospitals, surgeons and insurance companies to carry out this important and vital task. We have a multidisciplinary team that will respond to your request expressly, within a period of no more than 30 minutes after being contacted.


Medical Escort

We have a department that is exclusively in charge of organizing the transfer of a patient through a commercial airline, whose health condition allows them to be mobilized under the assistance of medical personnel.

During the flight, the patient will be accompanied by a doctor, paramedic or nurse who will administer all medications, the necessary medical care and help with any additional requirements that may arise.

Flying with a medical escort is a more affordable and attractive alternative to a private air ambulance.


Medevac - Medical Evacuation

We offer the transfer of patients from a remote location to a specialized hospital.

The term MEDEVAC generally applies to an aerial vehicle, aircraft
or a helicopter used as an ambulance for the rescue of patients in
specific locations.

This service allows us a rapid mobilization of seriously injured people, or trauma patients, from the scene of an accident to their preferred hospital.


Sanitary Repatriation

We have extensive experience in organizing and transporting citizens to their country of origin.

We understand the complexities involved in delivering a patient to a foreign hospital, and our entire staff is dedicated to simplifying this process.

You can have the following services:

– 24 hour service.

– Bilingual staff.

– Experience working with foreign consulates, organizing and preparing citizenship documents and resolution in customs and clearance matters.

– Medical escorts.


Neonatal Transfers

We have a team of specialists in Neonatology and Intensive Care deployed in the transfer of these delicate and small patients.
Our medical crew is made up of 1 Neonatologist Intensivist doctor and 2 nurses specialized in neonatology and intensive care. Our units are designed with monitoring equipment and devices specially adapted for these small patients.

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