Medical Escort

We are dedicated to arrange patient’s transfers on commercial airlines to those whose health conditions allow them travel with a medical escort assistant.

During the flight, the patient will be accompanied by a medic, paramedic or a nurse who will administer all necessary medical care, medications, and any other patient needs.

Flying with a medical escort can be an extremely economical alternative compared to a private Air Ambulance.

Our protocol service includes:

  • Medical authorization for the patient and his medical escort (medic, paramedic or nurse) by the airline.
  • Airline tickets for patient, medical team member, and travel companion.
  • Authorization to supply oxygen.
  • Priority boarding and seating arrangements.
  • Constant Medical assistance.
  • All travel arrangements, including lodging, ground transportation and domestic tickets (when applicable).
  • Coordination of entire transport to ensure all travel development from origin to destination.